sisi_rambles (sisi_rambles) wrote in amplificathon,

3 Marvelmovieverse podfics

Title: How To Save The World Without Armor
Author: favicondeadfish
Reader: sisi_rambles
Beta: leemarchais
Author's Rating: G
Fandom: Avengers
Pairing: Loki/Tony Stark
Summary: Loki is touch starved. Tony Stark defeats him through the power of cuddles.
Length: 00:07:23
File Size: 6.9 MB
Link to Text: AO3
Download and Streaming: at my lj

Series: your ghost
Author: favicon lanyon | lanyon
Reader: sisi_rambles
Beta: leemarchais
Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Steve/Bucky
Downloads and Streaming: at my lj

Title: till i wake your ghost
Author's Rating: T
Summary: There's a kill order on the Winter Soldier and Steve Rogers has been acting kind of strangely lately.
Length: 00:16:29
File Size: 15.2 MB
Link to Text: AO3

Title: push your old numbers
Author's Rating: M
Summary: The Winter Soldier emerges.
Length: 00:15:35
File Size: 14.3 MB
Link to Text: AO3

Tags: archived, fandom:avengers & related marvel movies, reader:sisi_rambles
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