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La caja maldita (Spanish podfic)

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Title:La caja maldita
Author: FujurPreux
Reader: kdheart
Fandom: Dresden Files, Ouran High School Host Club
Rating: G
Reader's Warning: just crack. {C}{C}The kind of crack that you get when you mix the crazy that is Ouran with anything that isn't and then throw the whole thing into Spanish and give it to someone who has no idea what they're doing ^___^.
Language: Spanish
Length: 6.38 min
Harry Dresden responde a una peculiar oferta de trabajo al otro lado del océano.

Download: direct download | 6.38 min | 6.17 MB
also on AO3

Blame Phantasmiquefrom the Anime Empire forum for this. It's all her fault. Her and my lack of attention that gets me into reading Spanish fan fic without even knowing it.

A huge thanks to lumina_m for beta-ing. I'm sorry if I still missed some stuff but I really wanted to post this for Halloween and I've spent last night fighting with a crashed computer.

It was so fun playing the twins and Tamaki! And I just can't get the image of a poor, confused Harry surrounded by the crazy that is the Host Club on a slow day. >:)

Tags: archived, fandom:dresden files, language:other than english, reader:kdheart
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