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Supernatural podfic: Gone Fishing (Sam/Dean, PG-13)

Gone Fishing Coverart

Title: Gone Fishing
Author: de_nugis
Readers: applegeuse and fishpatrol
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG-13
Author’s Summary: Dean's fulfilling prophecies, messing with fairies, standing around in the rain, and driving Sam crazy. Same old same old.
Podficcer’s Note: This was recorded as a present for de_nugis and was originally posted in November here at hi_de_nugis. It hasn’t been crossposted anywhere else until now!

File Length & Size: 00:13:28 || 8.6MB
Download: mp3 (right click & save as)
ETA: Also available at the archive here.

Tags: archived, fandom:supernatural, reader:applegeuse, reader:fishpatrol
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