oohshinyfangirl (oohshinyfangirl) wrote in amplificathon,

Glee - Glee Club Can Make You A Man

Title: Glee Club Can Make You A Man
Author: wordplay (wordplayitout)
Reader: oohshinyfangirl
Rated: R
Word Count: ~2500
Summary and A/N: I feel certain that multiple fics like this already exist. I didn't spend time looking for them, because this is not a masterpiece. This is a story about the boys of New Directions deciding who's got the biggest dick, so to hell with it. For the record, this is all sillygleekt's  fault. She is my co-creator here, and she started it with her appreciation for Kurt's fic record as magnificent in the cock arena. Um. So to speak. This is... I don't know. Taken a little too seriously to be crack fic? But definitely humor. Vague spoilers for Goodbye, but we're basically just rolling with it.
File Info: mp3, 22.54MB, 19:41
Download: MediaFire
Crossposted: personal lj, gleepodfic, kurt_blaine
Notes: Words cannot express my delight in this fic - it's sexy and funny, my favorite flavor - or the fact that wordplay has given free rein to podfic. If you like the story, go give wordplay some love! 
Tags: archived, fandom:glee, reader:oohshinyfangirl

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