Running With Boltcutters (arwen_lune) wrote in amplificathon,
Running With Boltcutters

Unintended Side Effects - Avengers podfic

Fandom: Avengers
Story listing on AO3
Podfic listing on AO3
Rating: [PG-13]
Length: 39:14 minutes
summary: Steve respects Natasha as an agent and a person, but he also needs to stop looking at her when they are in public together because his body can't quite handle it and his uniform is very tight. The fact that Natasha's having entirely too much fun with Steve's noticeable problem doesn't help matters.
Feedback: wuved and hugged and called George

download mp3 (right click and save)

Tags: archived, fandom:avengers & related marvel movies, reader:arwen_lune
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