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[SG1/SGA] The Retrogradeverse - audiobook compilation

Title: the Retrogradeverse - a chapterized audiobook compilation
Fandom: Stargate SG1/Stargate Atlantis crossover (an AU)
Compiled by: mific with the permission of all the podfic readers and cover artists. Thanks to everyone for that!
Written by: Martha Wilson (aka LtLJ on AO3), with an additional fic by
Text: The Martha Wilson series is here The
svmadelyn story is here
Length of the compilation: ~11 hours
File size: ~300 MB MP4 download here (audiofic archive link here)

Links to the individual podfic files in the compilation:
Retrograde - read by
kyizi (cover art by fatuorum) MP3 M4B
Recovery - read by
lunate8 (cover art by tripoli) MP3 M4B
Movie Night - read by
lunate8 (cover art by jinjurly) MP3 M4B
Least Resistance - read by (and cover art by)
arwen_lune MP3
Tropic of Cancer - read by (and cover art by)
arwen_lune MP3
Colorado Springs - read by (and cover art by)
arwen_lune MP3
Vegas - read by (and cover art by)
arwen_lune MP3
Jack and Daniel Snippet - read by (and cover art by)
arwen_lune MP3
When Your Job Description (You Announce Chevrons!) Is a Total Lie (
svmadelyn story) - read and cover art by mific MP3 M4B
First Impressions - read by (and cover art by)
arwen_lune MP3
Lorne in Atlantis - read by (and cover art by)
arwen_lune MP3

Cover art for retrogradeverse - interlocked sga/sg1 stargates and all the charaters around the edges

Compilation cover by
mific. Each chapter has the original cover art - or very close - I tweaked the covers a little, mostly to increase the font size to make the titles and reader/author info a little clearer.
There are another five stand-alone stories set in this verse. Not all have as yet been podficced, so there's a project for another day.

Hi mods - reader tag please for
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Tags: archived, fandom:stargate atlantis, fandom:stargate sg1, reader:arwen_lune, reader:kyizi, reader:lunate8, reader:mific

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