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NCIS L.A. - "Best Man"

Cover by hyndara71 KLEINER

Title: "Best Man"
Author: willwork4dean
Reader: dunderklumpen
Fandom: NCIS L.A.
Pairing: Sam/G (unrequited)
Rating: PG
Length: 08:40 minutes
Music: : Beautiful Thing OST: "Beautiful Thing Medley"
Summary: When they ask him, he says yes, of course. G may be socially inept, but even he knows it’s an honor to be asked.
Reader's Note: I recorded this podfic as a small gift for wallflowering's fandom_stocking entry back in december 2012. I lost it temporarily because my NB broke down and I was only now able to get it back from my old harddrive.
The cover was made by hyndara71 - thanks!
Beta: I know it's really strange but because the recording was rushed and there was all the christmas stress I totally forgot if someone beta listened. So I' go with "no beta" right now and hope there are no mistakes in it. But if it was you who betaed it, let me know and I give you credit immediately.

Download link: Link + Password

General Note: I'm not a native speaker so there's an accent:)

Alternative Cover 1 by wallflowering

Alternative Cover 2 by wallflowering

Alternative Cover 3 by wallflowering

@ Mods: I tagged it with "fandom ncis" but it's "ncis la". Don't know if you distinguish between the two. For the latter there's no tag yet. Thanks!
Tags: archived, fandom:ncis franchise, reader:dunderklumpen

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