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Then I'll Supply The Remedy [written by sadtomato, read by sapphirescribe]

Title: Then I'll Supply the Remedy
Author: sadtomato
Reader: sapphirescribe
Pairing: Jim/Bones
Rating: NC-17
Length: 16 minutes
Format: mp3
Size: 13MB
Summary: Post-ST:ID. Spoilers abound if you still haven't seen it!
[Spoiler (click to open)]Bones walks calmly out of Sickbay. He nods at an engineer as he walks down the corridor, then waits for the turbolift. He makes it to his quarters just in time—the panic’s rising in his throat as he taps in the code to open the door.

He lets it wash over him as soon as the doors close behind him. Panic, abject and overwhelming, and grief. His hands shake as he pours himself a glass of bourbon. He carries it to the too-small sofa and sits before lifting the glass to his lips.

He breathes deeply, lets the familiar scent calm him, but he doesn’t take a sip. He has to stay sharp in case they need him in Sickbay. In case Jim needs him.

Five minutes. Bones gives himself five minutes to think of life without Jim Kirk, to think of what he almost lost. Then he abandons his glass of bourbon, splashes cold water on his face, and heads back to work.

listen or download here
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Tags: archived, fandom:star trek reboot, reader:sapphirescribe

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