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Avengers - Moments Lost in Time - Liannabob, Patheticfangirl

Title: Moments Lost in Time
Author: Patheticfangirl
Reader: Liannabob
Fandom: Avengers (comics)
Rating: Mature
Warnings:  Holy shit angst.  Tagged with "Flashbacks, Hurt!Tony Stark, BAMF Steve Rogers, Epic Bromance, Friends to Lovers, Marvel 616 (Freeform), Dystopia, Everybody Dies, Emotional Baggage."
Pairings: Tony Stark/Steve Rogers
Length:  Just under six hours.  I'm like a minute shy.

Summary: "After the events of Civil War and the supposed death of Captain America, the United States' futre takes a turn for the dystopic.  By the year 2028, Tony Stark finds himself imprisoned and going insane in a world where superhumans are hunted down, cameras fill every home, and loving another man is a capital offense.  As he recalls the events that got him to this place, Steve Rogers makes plans for his escape.  This story follows Marvel canon through the end of Civil War, then branches into an alternate future."


Artwork by LePeru (Nizah)
Podcover by Tenoko1
Songs used: "This Time the Dream's On Me" - Both the Ella Fitzgerald and Andre Previn & Sylvia Mcnair versions.  "Drones" - Jed Whedon

Archived: Here

Tags: archived, fandom:avengers & related marvel movies, reader:liannabob

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