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Doctor Who Podfics (various)

A group of Doctor Who mini fics I recorded for podtor_who! (Sign ups are still open until the 24th December).

Title:: The Catbird Seat
Author: [personal profile] ghost2
Reader: [personal profile] aralias
Length: 365w // 1.54 min
Rating: Adult
Pairings/Characters: Eight/Benny, Wolsey
Author's Summary: Written for the kinkmeme. Prompt was: "The missing Doctor/Benny sex from the end of The Dying Days. The cat watches or joins in." Wolsey observes the Doctor and Benny.
Links: text // audio

Title: Uncountable Infinities
Author: [profile] eve11
Reader: [personal profile] aralias
Length: 301w // 1.42 min
Rating: All ages
Pairings/Characters: Eight, Charley
Author's Summary: A fifteen (well, twenty) minute ficlet for lost spook. Written for Fandom Stocking 2012. I used a prompt from dw_straybunnies: Eight and Charley visiting some place surreal, with their early enthusiasm.
Links: text // audio

Title: Golden Age
Author: [personal profile] lost_spook
Reader: [personal profile] aralias
Length: 100w // 0.37 min
Rating: All ages
Characters/Pairings: Eight, Charley
Author's Summary: Charley reflects on her time with the Doctor.
Links: text // audio

Title: Death in the Tealeaves
Author: aralias
Reader: aralias
Length: 8.21 min // 1,735 w
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Eight, Lucie
Author's Summary The Doctor likes tea, but this morning tea seems not to like him.
Links audio // text

Title: After the Storm
Author: [personal profile] clocketpatch
Reader: [personal profile] aralias
Length: 346w // 1.56 min
Characters/Pairings: Eight
Author's Summary: End of the Time War angst!fic in the form of a triple-drabble.
Links: text // audio

Three non-Eight podfics: a four, a Kaldor City and a Seven era
Title: Negotiations
Author: [personal profile] lost_spook
Reader: [personal profile] aralias
Length: 199w // 1.22 min
Characters/Pairings: Leela/Andred
Author's Summary: Leela adjusts to life on Gallifrey and Gallifrey adjusts to Leela.
Links: text // audio

Title: They've Got the Look
Author: [personal profile] liadtbunny
Reader: [personal profile] aralias
Length: 119w // 0.44 min
Characters/Pairings: Toos, Uvanov
Author's Summary: Toos and Uvanov fall through a crack in time and end up in the 'This Morning' studios.
Links: text // audio

Title: Domestic Bliss
Author: [profile] johnamendall
Reader: [personal profile] aralias
Length: 169w // 1.02 min
Characters/Pairings: Anceyln/Bambera
Author's Summary: Compared to fighting Morgaine's army, cooking breakfast should be a simple matter... shouldn't it?
Links: text // audio

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