Emerald Embers (emerald_embers) wrote in amplificathon,
Emerald Embers

Rise of the Guardians: Dreamland

Title: Dreamland
Author: MaryPSue
Reader: emerald_embers
Fandom: Rise of the Guardians
Pairing: Pitch Black/Sanderson Mansnoozie
Content Notes: Major character death.
Author's Rating: Teen And Up Audiences [AO3]
Author's Summary: Sandy’s studied all kinds of neurological disorders, ones that baffle the medical community beyond any hope of understanding. He knows everything about the inner workings of the human brain, how it thinks and communicates and how that communication can break down.

That turns out to be a problem.

Pitch isn’t human.


or; in which Pitch is an alien, Sandy is a neurologist and psychologist, several lines of professional and ethical conduct are crossed, and more references are made to other media than I can count on one hand.

Download links: All on Mediafire -
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7

Length: 1:07:54 total
File Size/Type: ~62MB total/mp3
Points: 60 (5 fandom + 10 pairing + 0 bonus * 4 length)
Tags: amplificathon:2014, archived, reader:emerald_embers, small fandom:movies & tv movies

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