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a long, storied career of dumb and crazy

Supernatural stories open for recording

As suggested in this post:

Hi, I'm Juice. I write Supernatural fic, almost exclusively Sam/Dean slash. Complete list of stories here. I've tried recording a few of my stories myself, but I suck at reading out loud, so I've given up for the time being and anyone who wants to do a recording is most welcome. Suggestions of stories under the cut, if you want to record any story not on the list, please contact me about it.

Threads, Sam/Dean, R. ~3300 words. Angst, not very graphic wincest.

Bedtime Story, Sam/Dean. Ficlet, 500 words. Schmoop. I rated this R when I wrote it, but it's probably more like PG-13.

Pulled the Rebel to the Floor, Sam/Dean, NC-17. ~1700 words. Porn.

Dynamite, Sam/Dean, R. ~2100 words. Angst lite, episode coda for Fresh Blood.

Fever, Sam/Dean, NC-17. ~3400 words. Porn.

Also, I kinda doubt the readability of Bad Bourbon, but because it's a crossover with a possibly unique (?) pairing, I'm adding it to the list. It's a crossover between Supernatural and House M.D., with the pairing Sam/House. Rating NC-17, ~ 6000 words.
Tags: info:authors, info:offers & requests

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