Allie (cyranothe2nd) wrote in amplificathon,

Downton Abbey: 'Afire' by Are

Title: Afire
Author: Are
Reader: cyranothe2nd
Length: 1: 54 minutes, 105 MB, mp3
Rating & Warnings: R, AU, first time, fantasy, firestarter, canon through series 4
Pairing/Characters: Thomas Barrow/Jimmy Kent
Author's Summary: Jimmy has a very strange ability. Thomas discovers it. Together, they try to work it out. I could have literally copied and pasted the lyrics of 'Burning Down The House' in here and it would have been a better description than I can come up with right now.
Reader's Notes: Music from 'Fearness' by Jang Yeong-gyu

Download here

Additional: Can I get a Downton Abbey tag, please?
Tags: archived, fandom:downton abbey, reader:cyranothe2nd

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