Vaysh Swiftstorm (vaysh) wrote in amplificathon,
Vaysh Swiftstorm

HARRY POTTER: "Searing Mistake" written by Kisslicknipsuck, read by Vaysh

Mods, I changed my user name. Could you change my reader tag to "reader:vaysh" please? Thank you so much!

Title: Searing Mistake (podfic)
Link to Story: Searing Mistake by kisslicknipsuck
Summary: Draco's ignorance of Muggle traditions results in an unfortunate misunderstanding.
Download Link: (click to save or listen online) MP3
File Size: 2.3 MB
Length: 05:06 minutes
Rating: R (but really PG)
Contains/Warnings: (Highlight to view) *violence but it turns out well in the end, burning human, fake zombie*
Cover Art: by vaysh, using an image by atomic-tank
Notes: This was created for the 2013 hd_owlpost Winter Fest but really, it is much more suited for Halloween. kisslicknipsuck, thank you again for your patience with my added sounds and German accent. This story was so much fun to read aloud. :)

Stream podfic:

Tags: archived, fandom:harry potter, reader:vaysh
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