Emily-- Toppington von Monocle (sadcypress) wrote in amplificathon,
Emily-- Toppington von Monocle

Infinity Spirals Out Creation, by longsufferingly, read by sadcypress

Story title: Infinity Spirals Out Creation
Story author: longsufferingly
Read by: sadcypress
Fandom: Arcadia, by Tom Stoppard
Pairing: Thomasina/Septimus
Rating: R
Format: *.mp3
Approximate length: 7.5 min

Author's Summary: Septimus Hodge is a romantic, inevitably.

Reader's Notes: Because if you're planning a comeback, WHY NOT kick it off with the most obscure (perfect) fandom possible? poor_choices wrote this years ago and it's one of my favorite pieces of fanfiction and every single line is perfect and inevitable and everything I want for these characters.

Feedback is loved like jam in your rice pudding.

Download links: hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?do5i4dxiaui6tt4

Archive link is here
Tags: archived, reader:sadcypress
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