fresne (fresne) wrote in amplificathon,

Azure Study, written and read fresne

Title: Azure Study
Writer/Reader: fresne
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Series: Variations on an Equation series, this is a series of Omegaverse stories that AU each other. This particular story is an outtake of the story A Study in Azure from Jim Moriarty's POV.
Pairings: Jim Moriarty/Sherlock Holmes, Jim Moriarty/Irene Adler, Jim Moriarty/Sebastian Moran, Jim Moriarty/OMC
Rating: NC-17
Size: 19.59, 7.02
Warnings: Omegaverse, Moriarty POV, Jim's not a nice fellow
Summary: But maybe in another reality, a few degrees tumbled of azure, Jim gets an idea for a different type of devastation.
Song Credit: Karissa Noel, Corrupt
Links: AO3
Download this story (right click and save)
Tags: archived, fandom:sherlock (bbc), reader:fresne
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