March 23rd, 2008

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(post template)

Title: title of story (include a link to the text)
Author: author name
Reader: that's you!
Fandom: be specific, please.
Pairing: and be specific here too! or say gen. :)
Length: in time (and file size if you have it handy).
Link: this can be a temporary link, or the archive link, or both. if you don't get the permanent link before you post, it will be left in the comments to your post.
Point value: (recording points)+(reader points)+(time points)+(fandom points)=(point value).

If you want to include reader's notes, warnings, ratings, a summary, an explanation of why you chose to read what you read, whatever, then feel free. That's up to you.

If you have trouble figuring out your point value (or anything else), ask in your post or email the mods or ask in a mod post! we are pretty helpful. or at least we try to be.
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figuring point values for fandoms/pairings (2008 challenge)

fandom points:
  • well-archived fandoms - 1 point awarded
    • this includes the top three fandoms in the archive only. they are due south, stargate: atlantis, and supernatural.
  • less represented archived fandoms - 2 points awarded
    • any fandom that has stories in the archive as of 3/16/08 earns two points. the list of fandoms is behind the cut at the bottom of this post.
  • unrepresented fandoms - 3 points awarded
    • if there isn't a story in the archive already for the fandom you recorded in (or there wasn't when the list was generated), you get three points! yay!
pairing points (we're calling gen a pairing, as well as groupings of more than two characters):
  • well-represented pairings - 1 point awarded
    • there's one of these for each fandom. whichever pairing/grouping has the largest number of entries in the archive, that's the one-pointer. the top group in each fandom is bolded in the list behind the cut at the bottom of this post.
  • less-represented archived pairings - 2 points awarded
    • anything listed but not bolded!
  • unrepresented pairings - 3 pts
    • includes gen and any slash or ship grouping that is not on the list as it stood as of 3/16/08.
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points and standings (2008 challenge)

please figure your points and put the point value on the post where you announce your recording - we'll take it from there, and the numbers will be added up and included in the table at the bottom of this post.

a) recording
you record and post a fic: 5 pts
no, really. it's kind of a gimme. :)

b) your status as a reader
this is your very first podfic: 5 pts
you have done 1 to 5 podfics: 2 pts
you have done more than 5 podfics: 1 pt

c) fandom/pairing points

a+b+c = your total points for the entry.

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