January 9th, 2010

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SGA - Until I Can Find Me

Title:  Until I Can Find Me
Author/Reader:  cookiemom6067
Fandom:  Stargate Atlantis
Pairing:  None
Rating:  PG
Length:  10:57

Disclaimer:  Stargate Atlantis is owned by Cooper and Wright, Altas Shark, MGM, The Sci-fi channel.  Not me.  I'm just writing and reading for my own enjoyment and that of any of my fellow fans that might feel like reading what I've written and read here.

Summary/Reader's Note:  I wrote a few stories as part of the sga_episodefic  season 5 tagathon last year, my first foray into writing stories in a long, long time.  I have podficced the ones I liked the best, and the first offering I have for you is a short trilogy of ficlets.  Each of them is a John Sheppard vignette based on episodes from season 5.  

The first, "Quid Pro Quo" is what went through John's mind in episode 5.17 "Infection" when Todd challenges him, insisting that John owes him for past favors.  The second, "Baptism," is based on episode 5.19 "Vegas's" John Sheppard.  The last, "The Bitterest Tears" deals with John's regrets as he sits in the cockpit of the F-302 at the end of episode 5.20 "Enemies at the Gate."  Because all three of these ficlets are episode tags, there are spoilers for the episodes mentioned here, and all of them presume a basic knowledge of the plots of those episodes.

Temporary download link here.

All three ficlets are available on my livejournal:  cookiemom6067