January 11th, 2010

  • paraka

Feedback Reminder and Meta

You still have a few days to sign up for my Podfic Critical Feedback Exchange (sign ups close Wed Jan 13) but in the mean time, I thought I'd open up the floor to some review meta.

Since there hasn't been a lot of reviews in the podficing community, we haven't really developed a SOP. We don't even have that much of a common language to deal with reviews. So as I promised in the sign up post, I've written down some ideas for reviewers to comment on.

Rather than posting to my own journal, I thought I'd post here so that others could add their two cents, or give some advise of what works best for them.

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A lot of these topics overlap, but I figure mentioning them will at least give people a place to start when it comes to their own reviews. It'll also be interesting since a lot of these topics come down to personal taste.

Feel free to add to the list in the comments!
  • eosrose

PODFIC: "Threat to Camelot" by acetamide (22:37)

Threat to Camelot
Title: Threat to Camelot
Author: acetamide
Reader: eosrose
Beta Listener: misc_plinks
Cover: Art by lizardspots
Fandom: Merlin (BBC)
Cast: Arthur/Merlin, Gwen, Morgana, Uther
Rating: Suitable for teen and up audiences.
Summary: Arthur’s seen people beaten and broken before – soldiers, women, children. In the aftermath of battle, they all change.
Length: 22:37
Format: MP3 (20.7MB) or Audiobook (10MB)
Download MP3 or Audiobook from my journal!
  • podmod

Amplirecathon Sign-Ups!

Welcome to the Amplirecathon, a podfic recs fest! All podfic enthusiasts are welcome and encouraged to sign up.

amplirecathon promo image cc celine nadeau

Here's how it's going to work:

The festival will last 2 weeks, beginning Jan 18 and ending Feb 1, so grab a prompt (or make up your own, or, you know, decide to go prompt-free) and tell us the day(s) on which you plan to make your rec post(s).

Your post can be for one podfic, or for a group of podfics you've chosen to fit a theme (or, what the hell, you could rec a reader if you wanted, but you might want to call out a best example of their work) to be posted on the date you claimed during sign up. You can choose as many or as few days as you like, but we do ask that you don't claim 'em if you aren't going to use 'em.

We'd really love to hear the why, or your review of the recording, or your reaction, or the reason the reading resonates with you personally. But you needn't write an essay if that's not how you roll, so don't let that hold you back. Our goal is to point out the awesome, and to highlight things we think other people might want to give a listen. Qualified recs are awesome, but they should still be things you are recommending. :)

Prompts! An incomplete list for your inspiration:

Freeform (Make Up Your Own!)
5 Podfics That _______
Podfic to Make you Blush on the Bus
Effective effects
Tiny Gems: Great Podfic Under Five Minutes
The Long Haul: Great Long Stories that are Worth Every Second
Readings that Will Make You Cry
Crossover Collections
Podfic That Changes the Way You Experience the Story
You Crack Me Up: Readers' Excellent Comedic Timing
We Are Podfic: Multiple Voices

**Please feel free to comment with prompts we should add to the list!**


Jan. 18 breea1
Jan. 19 winkingstar
Jan. 20 revolutionaryjo, aphelant
Jan. 21 lavvyan
Jan. 22 fluffyllama(x2!)
Jan. 23 celtic_forest
Jan. 24 podfic_lover, mjluvspolar
Jan. 25 elsewhere_kels
Jan. 26 luzula
Jan. 27 cybel, paraka
Jan. 28 lunate8
Jan. 29 sothcweden, suzumenoko
Jan. 30 fishpatrol, cookiemom6067
Jan. 31 superstitiousme
Feb. 1 akamine_chan, laurie_ky

Leave a comment to this post to claim date(s). We'll update the post to show dates claimed. Please try to pick dates that haven't already been claimed so we have a more even spread for the festival!

Edit: Hooray, we have someone signed up for every date on the Livejournal sign-up post and are filling days up on Dreamwidth!

We would love to have several posts every day if we can get them, so please feel free to request an already-claimed date.

We'd also like to mention that no matter where you've signed up, you can post your recs to either the LJ or DW community, and you can crosspost to both sites if you like!

Please spread the word! The more the merrier!

Copy and paste this code to promote the festival at your own site: