January 16th, 2010

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Sentinel Slash Podfic: Conforming to Requirements. Music and Non Music Version.

Reader's note:

There are two versions of this podfic, a music enhanced version where I utilized music played by the author, fluterbev, who is an accomplished flute player in traditional Irish music. It is used to introduce the story, indicate chapter breaks and whenever the author used a visual break in the text, and to end the story. There are places where there are sound effects and where I speak over the music for dramatic effect.

And then there is a music free version, for any listeners who prefer their podfic with just the reader's voice. There is silence to indicate the visual breaks in the text and to indicate a chapter is ending.

This story was recorded for Moonridge 2009, a charity event in the Sentinel Fandom.

Fandom:The Sentinel Pairing: Jim/Blair
Fanfic Title:Conforming to Requirements. Awards listed at the beginning of the story. Please read text for warnings
Rating: NC-17 Slash
Format: Mp3s. Non Music Version:532.1 MB, 8:44.47 minutes. Music Version:564:81 MB, 10:20.49 minutes.
Fanfic Author:Fluterbev fluterbev
Author's email:fluterbev@gmail.com
Read by:Laurie laurie_ky
Reader's email:holler@duo-county.com
Story Summary A novel length AU set in a parallel world, where Sentinels are prized members of society and Guides are second class citizens. Sentinel Ellison doesn’t want to Bond, and his unconventional, temporary Guide is not allowed to.
Art by Loraine Brevig manip and a painting.

Music Version
Audio Archive Link
Temporary Link
Mp3s 1 and 2, Mp3s 3 and 4, Mp3s 5 and 6, Mp3s 7 and 8, Mp3s 9 and 10.

Non Music Version
Audio Archive Link
Temporary Link
Mp3s 1 and 2, Mp3s 3 and 4, Mp3s 5 and 6, Mp3s 7 and 8, Mp3s 9 and 10.

The lovely cybel donated her time for Moonridge to make a podbook of the music version, for those who bid on this podfic and I'm sure she will post it. I can't, my computer crashed several months ago and my links to the podbook were lost.

ETA: Cybel's podbook links: Music Version Audioboook Audio Archive Link
Non Music Version Audiobook Audio Archive Link

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Sentinel Podbook of Conforming to Requirements by fluterbev, read by laurie_ky

See laurie_ky's post here for details and links to the mp3 versions.

Cover Artist: Lorraine Brevig
File Type: m4b (podbook)
Length: with music 134 MB, 4:40:54 (Part 1), 162 MB, 5:39:56 (Part 2); without music 279 MB, 9:44:59
Sendspace Links: with music Part 1, Part 2; without music here
Archive Direct Link (courtesy of general_jinjur): with music right click and save as; without music right click and save as

These podbook versions of the podfics were compiled with permission and are being cross-posted to [info - personal]amplificathon and linked at podslash.