January 20th, 2010


Podfic: Smoke & Lightning, Heavy Metal Thunder [Chapter Six] + [Chapter Seven] + [Chapter Eight]

Smoke & Lightning, Heavy Metal Thunder [6/? 7/? 8/?]
Title: Smoke And Lightning, Heavy Metal Thunder (6/? 7/? 8/?)
Authors: bloody_adorable and eviltwin
Reader: Fartinminney
Fandoms: Supernatural RPS
Pairing: Jensen Ackles / Jared Padalecki.
Rating: PG all the way to NC-17 in future chapters.
Summary: AU. Jared's a classic case of rich kid gone wrong, whose only sense of family comes from his motorbike, the guy he rents a garage from to live in and the precinct cops who know his face better than most already. Jensen's a hard-working student whose family are helping push him towards great things. What happens when their two worlds collide, and will Jared's troublesome nature be too much for Jensen to handle?
Disclaimer: None of the following is true in any way, and no profit is made from this work of fiction.

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Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

To read the amazing fics by the most amazing people on earth (Eviltwin & Bloody_Adorable) please go HERE to their little area of magic dreams!

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Recs, phela-style!

I am going to start this post by admitting that in the past year I have not listened to a whole lot of podfic. I listen to podfic almost exclusively at work, but I changed jobs toward the end of 2008 and I found that my new position demanded too much of my concentration -- basically, I couldn't follow along with the stories and not get fired. :P

I've acclimated to the job, finally, and have been devouring lots of podfic! But there's a big gap in my collection, so I feel that my rec list is not as fleshed out as I would like.

Nevertheless, here are my 5 podfic recs in 3 categories!:

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Okay, so that's it for me!

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Amplirecathon 2010: SGA Podfic, Nantucket AU

Nantucket AU
Written by: dogeared, aesc, sheafrotherdon and siraeve
Read by: the_oscar_cat

This podfic is THE comfort podfic for me. I always find myself coming back to it. In part because the writing is so brilliant, but also because the_oscar_cat's outstanding reading. It's one of the podfics I always keep around on my mp3 player because sometimes I just need to listen to it.

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The entire thing is a delight and I can't recommend it enough.

I really wanted to rec a whole slew of 'comfort' podfics, but I severely underestimated the time I would have available today to do so. So if anyone out there has anything along that theme they'd like to rec, toss it in the comments! :)

Podfic Recs, 20 Jan: 5 stories that get me in the emotions

Podfic Recs 20 January, 2010
Stories that get me in the Emotions
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A couple of perhaps-caveats: I haven't been listening to podfic for very long, nor have I listened to very much of it yet (I am a podfic n00b), so my recs will be of some probably well-known stories within the Stargate: Atlantis (SGA) fandom. I also have yet to develop much of a vocabulary for describing what I hear. These stories might serve as a good entrance to the fandom in fact!

I love podfic when I get to listen to it, especially in the car or in an airport (it seems subversively appropriate to listen to BDSM fic in an airport, for example), especially on long walks on sunny days. I love hearing the voices and various accents of fellow fans. Podfic is fantastic from an accessibility perspective: if you have trouble reading, for any reason, you can listen to fic! And it is free, and done out of love.

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