March 13th, 2010

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Question for Podficcers about a multi-voice project?

Hey there - I do hope that this isn't an inappropriate post? If so, please tell me and I'll delete.

Here's the thing: I've just started recording aramuin's excellent J2 BigBang fic Queensguard. Two chapters in, and I'm fairly happy with the way I've handled the inset bits of found text (newspaper reports etc etc) so far - but what I'd forgotten, because apparently I'm Queen of the Forgetful People, is that every chapter starts with an inset box of found text - Larry King interviewing someone, say, or politicians making statements, or something like that.

Which is TERRIFIC, and part of the fabulousness of the text, and I can go ahead and do this myself - but I was wondering if other people might be interested in helping? I mean, we're only talking a minute or two of a few minutes' speech* for each recording - seventeen different sections in total - so I don't think it should take all that long to do? If people felt so inclined? And, truthfully, the podfic of 'Written by the Victors' was what got me into making podfics myself, because it filled me with so much glee to hear the voices of various different readers. It would be cooler than a fucking cool thing to make something with many voices, I think, and this is the kind of story that begs for something like that as an aural equivalent to how the text works. So I'm putting the breaks on my own recording, to see if people might be interested in making it a collaboration; if so I can go back and undo the inset sections I've already included, and create a consistent style of incorporating these other voices into the text.

If you might be interested in contributing a few minutes of speech to making this happen, comment below and I'll put together a list of all the sections so we can allot them to volunteers & take it from there.

Thank you kindly!


(Further to the recent discussion of multiple versions/covers, since I'm in PSA mode I should probably add that I don't consider myself having "dibs" on any of the stories I've recorded, and that I'm totally good with other people recording versions if they want to [although it it's a story I've WRITTEN, I'd appreciate the heads up]. I especially understand this if it's a non-UK text, because I know that some people find accents a deal-breaker and I certainly don't want to reduce people's access to awesome stories. So, y'know, if you're sitting at home thinking "The bitch! I wanted to record 'Queensguard', and now she's going to make it all Masterpiece Theatre-ish! Damn her!", then please do still go for it, mate! The more the merrier, eh?)

eta II
*okay, having copied out all the sections, I can see that we're maybe talking five minutes for a couple, actually - but still pretty brief sections, I promise!

eta III (Just call me Columbo)

I've copied out the various sections and my Cunning Plan For World Domination suggestion for how we do this here. If you're inclined to join in, please come and pic a section to read & claim dibs in the comments there!

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Sweet Charity Auction Lives!

Not only will there be a new Sweet Charity for 2010 to benefit RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network), but this time around Podfics will have its own Category! No more hiding its light under the Miscellaneous category! This may have *cough* been my suggestion, and it has been implemented already!

Go Team Podfics!!!

If you're interested in finding out more about the behind the scenes process of getting the Auction up and running, check out sweetcharityvox.