March 20th, 2010

  • podmod

where does the time go?

as long as the progression of linear time keeps making the amplificathon roll around on the calendar, i guess we're okay with it. :D

your podmod team is currently springing into action to prepare for the 2010 amplificathon points-driven-underrepresented-fandom-encouraging-prize-giving festival of podfic. <3

we're reviewing the faq and rules to make sure they are the best they can be, so stay tuned for details coming soon in a fresh new 2010 faq. we're still points-based, we're still multifannish, and we're still excited! (and yes, we're still kind of weirded out by how many exclamation marks we use in our podmod guise!)

the 2010 amplificathon will begin march 30, and run through june 1. hold on to your hats, or batten down the hatches, or get ready to rumble, or, hey! do what works for you! <3