March 27th, 2010

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podfic - 'A Perfect Honeymoon' (Some Like It Hot)

It's post-movie 'Some Like It Hot' fanfic, Daphne/Osgood on their honeymoon, and I found it sweet and unexpectedly touching. It's now part of my personal canon for the movie.

TITLE: A Perfect Honeymoon
AUTHOR: Delilah_Joy
FANDOM: Some Like It Hot
PAIRING: Daphne/Osgood
DURATION: 16 minutes
FORMATS: mp3, m4a, audiobook
SUMMARY: They hadn’t really spoken about it, but something had changed between them that night in the speedboat. Taking off her wig, knowing that it was all about to come to an end, she’d felt relieved but also unexpectedly sad. Like she’d lost something she hadn’t even known she’d wanted. And then, against all expectations, it didn't come to an end. A whole new set of doors had opened. The idea that Osgood knew the truth and still wanted her…it sent a charge through her entire body, making her feel desirable and tender and strangely safe.

(Poor Cybel - just when she thought it was safe to relax I throw random fics at her out of the blue! Yes I do! Bwahahaha!)
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SPN (Sam/Gabriel) Podbook: Tall and Tan & Young and Lovely by twentysomething, read by definestrange

See definestrange's post here for details and links to the mp3 version.

Cover Artist: cybel

File Type: m4b (podbook)
Length: 13.3 MB, 0:26:54
Archive Page (courtesy of general_jinjur): here

This podbook version of the podfic was compiled with permission and is being cross-posted to [info - personal]amplificathon and linked at spn_multimedia.