March 29th, 2010

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podfic - 'Queensguard'

Aha! Finished and uploaded at last! Thank you Cybel! And Go Team!

TITLE: Queensguard
AUTHOR: Aramuin
READER: fayjay, twasadark, cookiemom6067, smallearthcat, paraka, kronos999, crinklysolution, laurie_ky, templemarker, zvi_likes_tv, fishpatrol, cantarina1, luzula, klb, podcath, lunate8, akadougal, fleurrochard, eve_n_furter, meansprite, gblvr, bananacosmic
PAIRING: Jared/Jensen
RATING: PG13ish?
DURATION: c. 5 hours
FORMAT: mp3, m4a, audiobook
TEXT: here
SUMMARY: Jared's heading up to Vancouver to finally start filming Season 5, after a delay of several years. Vancouver's looking pretty battered when he arrives - invasion by aliens bent on destruction of the human race will do that to a place. It's lucky that the human race are a lot more adaptable than the aliens guessed...

Note: the audiobook artwork is temporary - the artist is working on something specifically for the podbook version, but has computer troubles
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podfic - 'You're The Cream In My Coffee'

Okay, while waiting to get the last bits of 'Queensguard', I read this lovely OT3 story for 'Singin' In The Rain', and, as is my wont, had to podfic it at once. I think it's charming as hell. But, be warned: like the source text, it's a musical. So, er, you do get some singing. I am not a professional-type singer person, but I think it works out okay. But, y'know, fair warning, in case this hits your embarrassment squick.

TITLE: You're The Cream In My Coffee
AUTHOR: Cimorene
FANDOM: Singin' In The Rain
PAIRING: OT3 Cosmo Brown/Don Lockwood/Kathy Selden
DURATION: 50 mins
FORMATS: mp3, m4a, audiobook
"It's traditional with married couples to throw out any excess bums, couch potatoes, or hangers-on before settling into the honeymoon nest," he suggested around a mouthful of foam.

Don was surprised by the attack, but he just moved forward with a damning, liquid roll of his hips and said with a thoughtful air, "I've always been one to buck tradition."
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Fayjay has discovered a problem with one of the files which will be corrected later today. Please hold off downloading/discard your download, and we'll let you know when the new files are available. :-)
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amplificathon '10 rolling out tomorrow!

oh man for real, where does the time GO?

amplificathon 2010 is a go!

please use the banner to spread the word, and snag an icon or two, and if you make icons, please share in comments and we'll add them to this post.

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we're live on both livejournal and dreamwidth, so post as you will. <3

faq and rules will pop up in a moment...

(the banner and icons use this Creative Commons licensed image)
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fandom/pairing points 2010

fandom points:

  • well-archived fandoms - 1 point awarded
    • this includes the top three fandoms in the archive only. they are (still) due south, stargate: atlantis, and supernatural.

  • less represented archived fandoms - 3 points awarded
    • any fandom that has stories in the archive as of 3/27/10 earns three points. the list of fandoms is behind the cut at the bottom of this post.

  • unrepresented fandoms - 5 points awarded
    • if there isn't a story in the archive already for the fandom you recorded in (or there wasn't when the list was generated), you get five points! yay!

pairing points (we're calling gen a pairing, as well any romantic groupings.):
  • well-represented pairings - 1 point awarded
    • there are only three of these this year: mckay/sheppard, fraser/kowalski, and sam/dean.

  • less-represented archived pairings - 3 points awarded
    • that's everything else! if a fandom is starred (like so: **), then there is gen archived in that fandom.

  • unrepresented pairings - 5 pts
    • includes gen in any fandom that is not starred and any slash or ship grouping that is not on the list as it stood as of 3/28/09.

how do i do this math?
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points & standings 2010

please figure your points and put the point value on the post where you announce your recording - we'll take it from there, and the numbers will be added up and included in the table at the bottom of this post.

a) recording
you record and post a fic: 5 pts
no, really. it's kind of a gimme. :)

b) your status as a reader
this is your very first podfic: 10 pts
you have done 1 to 5 podfics: 3 pts
you have done more than 5 podfics: 1 pt

c) recording length
under ten minutes: 1 pt
10-30 minutes: 3 pts
30-60 minutes: 6 pts
over 60 minutes: 6 pts + 5 pts for each additional 30 minutes
(er, this is unclear: 60=6 pts. 61-89=11 pts. 90-119=16 pts. you get the drift.)

d) fandom/pairing points

e) language bonus
new this year, bonus for reading in a non-english language!
non-english language bonus: 5 pts
previously unrepresented language bonus: 5 pts

a+b+c+d+e = your total points for the entry.

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permission to record? *\o/*

are you an author who is cool with having people podfic your stories? have you written something that would score particularly highly for fandoms/pairings? would you really like to hear someone read your story aloud?

if you've answered YES to any (or all!) of the above questions, please comment to this post!

put a pointer to your stories in your comment, and please be clear about whether you are giving blanket permission, or if you want to hold some stories back. and (this is important!) please do not be sad if no one takes you up on it! there's no predicting what people will feel comfortable reading - there are a few stories by one author that i am dying to podfic, but the pacing is all wrong, i just can't make them work for me (just as an example). so.

(check out the dreamwidth version of this post for authors, too!)