April 11th, 2010

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If You Could Ask

Title: If You Could Ask
Written by: liadan14 
Read by: dreaming_athena 
Fandom: Juliet Marillier's Sevenwaters Trilogy, and Heir to Sevenwaters
Pairing: Johnny/Gareth
Length: 1:03:01 (57.7 MB)
Rating: R
Summary: Johnny and Gareth through the years.
Spoilers: All four books, particularly Heir to Sevenwaters.
Text: liadan14.livejournal.com/9411.html#cutid1
Download at www.mediafire.com/
Or at the Archive

Reader's Notes: I used the pronunciation guide that can be found on Juliet Marillier's website to (hopefully) learn the correct pronunciation of the Irish names. For the ones that weren't on her list (Cathal, Inis) I used whichever site google put at the top of my search. Searching 'Eala' didn't give me any answers, so I decided to pronounce it ee-la (as the name Neala is pronounced Nee-la). I'm terribly sorry if I've horribly mispronounced anything.

5+1+6+(5+5)= 22 (right?)
Raffles - book cover

E.W. Hornung's Raffles/Bunny: Pearls (PG-13)

It is my intention that by the end of the summer, you will all be fervent enthusiasts for Raffles.

Title: Pearls
Author: ajs_bunny
Reader: ajs_bunny
Fandom: E.W. Hornung's Raffles series
Pairing: Raffles/Bunny
Length: 00:08:18, 5.7 MB
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Raffles shares a private moment with his Bunny as he remembers the Ides of March.
Text: http://ajs-bunny.livejournal.com/3335.html
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?4zmijjzmjz1

Note: As before, I recorded the original story as well. "Ides of March" is the maiden story, so if you want to know more about how the characters came to begin, this is definitely the story to read. Listen to "Ides of March" in two parts. Part 1. Part 2.

Points: 5+3+1+(5+5)=19
hikago warmth

On the Road

Title: On the Road
Author: rageprufrock 
Fandom: Macdonald Hall - Korman / Twinkie Squad - Korman
Pairing: Bruno/Boots, Bruno/Armando, Armando/Doug
Length: 1:58:42, 108.68 MB
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Bruno ran out of underwear in Missouri.
Spoilers: Vague for Macdonald Hall and Twinkie Squad
Text: http://archiveofourown.org/works/44958
Download at Megaupload or Sendspace: Megaupload, Sendspace

5+1+16+(3{Macdonald Hall}+5{Twinkie Squad}+3{Bruno/Boots}+5{Bruno/Armando}+5{Armando/Doug}=43

Okay, Mods...I think I may have been doing the math wrong on my previous posts...in terms of length...er, would anyone mind double-checking that I did it right? 'Cause I'm feeling like I failed on that part. :(
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Macdonald Hall x Twinkie Squad Podbook: On the Road by pru, read by 2naonh3_cl2

See 2naonh3_cl2's post here for details and links to the mp3 version.

Cover Artist: cybel

File Type: m4b (podbook)
Length: 57.6 MB, 1:58:42
Archive Direct Link (courtesy of general_jinjur): right click and save as

This podbook version of the podfic was compiled with permission and is being cross-posted to [info - personal]amplificathon.
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For a Hundred Visions and Revisions

Title: For a Hundred Visions and Revisions
Author: waldorph 
Fandom: ST:XI
Pairing: Mentions of Jim/Spock, Winona/George, Winona/Frank
Length: 0:15:16, 13.95 MB
Rating: Language
Summary: Winona? Kind of awesome (or, "How Jim Kirk Wouldn't Have Survived A Normal Mother").
Spoilers: ST:XI
Text: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10931
Download at Megaupload or Sendspace: Megaupload, Sendspace