May 6th, 2010

  • cybel

SGA Podbook: Rodney McKay's Diary by pru, read by twilight

See twilight_angel's post here for details and links to the mp3 version.

Cover Artist: cybel

File Type: m4b (podbook)
Length: 26.8 MB, 0:55:00
Archive Direct Link (courtesy of general_jinjur): right click and save as

This podbook version of the podfic was compiled with permission and is being cross-posted to [info - personal]amplificathon and linked at sgapodfic.
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  • chiak

Conversations with a Sorceress 1/4 by archaeologist_d

Title: Conversations with a Sorceress 1/4
Author: archaeologist_d
Reader: chiak
Fandom: Merlin (bbc)
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG
Length: 16:07
Size: mp3, 14.7 MB
Summary: Nimueh has an agenda and it will take all her persuasive powers with Merlin to make them a reality. But Merlin is proving a little stubborn….And Arthur isn't helping.

Listen/Download Chapter 1 at Boxnet here, and/or download at the permanent link here.

5+1+3+(3+3)+0 = 15
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Part 18 of Waldorph's Illogical

Title: Sweetheart
Author: waldorph 
Fandom: ST:XI
Pairing: George/Winona
Length:  2:06:16, 115.61 MB
Rating: Language; consensual sex between minors (aged 15)
Summary: "Licensed to kill," Winona agreed, grinning. "Oh, hey, pizza."
"An assassin with ADD," George muttered, and sat on the couch to begin his paper.
Spoilers: ST:XI
Download at Megaupload or Sendspace: Megaupload, Sendspace

5+1+21(? I really do think I'm doing this wrong.)+(3{ST:XI}+5{George/Winona})=35
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IM: for today or the rest of my life (complete)

Title: for today or the rest of my life
Author: calicokat 
Fandom: Iron Man (movie)
Pairing: Pepper Potts/OMC, Pepper Potts/Tony Stark
Length: 47:46
Rating: NC-17 for sex
Summary: Pepper finds a boyfriend. Tony hates to share.
Spoilers: for the first movie. No spoilers for IM2.

Download: (mp3 format, 43MB)

Notes: This is my first podfic. :D Thanks so much to calicokat for allowing me to record it. Intro/outro music is from Juliana Hatfield's "This Lonely Love," from the album "How To Walk Away." (buy)

[5 + 10(baby's 1st podfic) + 6(length) + 3(less represented archived fandom) + 5(pepper/omc) + 5(pepper/tony)] = 34