May 22nd, 2010

Various podfic, written by Moonlettuce, YAY!

Title: Loss
Author: moonlettuce
Reader: sly_hostetter
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Rating: unrated
Pairing: Elizabeth Swann/Anamaria, Jack Sparrow/Will Turner
Summary: She's going to lose him.
Length: 0:02:39 (2.43 MB / mp3)
Download: mediafire
Points: 5+1+1+(3+5+3) = 18pts

Title: Rules of the Game
Author: moonlettuce
Reader: sly_hostetter
Fandom: Indiana Jones
Rating: PG
Pairing: Indiana Jones/Mutt Williams
Summary: You might have said something...
Length: 0:01:22 (1.26 MB / mp3)
Download: mediafire
Points: 5+1+1+(5+5) = 17 pts

Title: Moonlettuce's MMoM entries (Days 1-6)
Author: moonlettuce
Reader: sly_hostetter
Rating: PG-13 - R
Pairing: Varies
Summary: It's for the Merry Month of Masturbation Challenge... need we say more?

Day 1: Fade, Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, Sam/Castiel
Length: 0:04:11 (3.83 MB / mp3)
Points: 5+1+1+(1+3/3) = 14 pts

Day 2: Vox, Supernatural, Dean/Castiel
Length: 0:11:07 (10.18 MB / mp3)
Points: 5+1+3+(1+3) = 13 pts

Day 3: Winchester's Third Law, SPN, Dean/Castiel
Length: 0:08:22 (7.66 MB / mp3)
Points: 5+1+1+(1+3) = 11 pts

Day 4: Thirteen Sheep and Counting, SPN RPS, Jensen/Misha
Length: 0:12:13 (11.19 MB / mp3)
Points: 5+1+3+(3+3) = 15 pts

Day 5: Minted, SPN, Dean/Castiel
Length: 0:03:12 (2.93 MB / mp3)
Points: 5+1+1+(1+3) = 11 pts

Day 6: Lovers and Dreamers, SPN, Dean/Castiel, fictional!Sam/fictional!Dean
Length: 0:06:59 (6.39 MB / mp3)
Points: 5+1+1+(1+3+1) = 12 pts
Do fictional!Sam 'n Dean count as different characters from Sam 'n Dean? I didn't think so, but...

Total Points for post: 111 points
  • mific

Breakfast with Scot podfic: Defensive Zone by nos4a2no9, read by mific

Title: Defensive Zone
Fandom: Breakfast with Scot
Author: nos4a2no9
Pairing: Eric McNally/Sam
Read by: mific
Rating: NC-17
Length: 31 min
This is from the vanishingly small 'Breakfast with Scot' (movie) fandom. It was written by nos4a2no9 for Taurenova, as part of Yuletide 2008. Just doing my bit for obscure fandoms, as it's a sweet fic and I love the movie. It's a first-time, "Eric meets Sam" story, so predates the movie. 
Okay, points - brand new fandom to podfic, brand new pairing (PS - anyone know Sam's last name?) So: 5 + 1 + 6 + 5 + 5 = 22 (honestly it just turned out at 31 min, I didn't plan it!)   Mods - help with the tags please!

The original text is here
Temporary Audiobook (M4B) download here (~15MB)
Temporary MP3 download here (~29MB)  (permanent links shortly at my journal, here

Recorded with the author's permission and cross-posted to amplificathon