May 29th, 2010

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[Merlin RPS] Zombie Apocalypse: Mall Edition

 Download at my journal!

: Bradley James' Guide to Survivng a Zombie Apocalypse: The Mall Edition
Reader: Lunchee (lunchy_munchy )
Pairing: Bradley James/Colin Morgan, with Kate and Angel
Warning:Total crack. And VIOLENCE, this is a zombie fic, after all. Needless to say blood and guts will fly, but in a FUN cracktastic way ;)
Rating: : R
Fandom: Merlin BBC RPF
Summary:  All Bradley wants is a whopper avec fromage from Burger King, what he gets are 12 yr old girl zombies and icky sandpaper.
File Info: mp3, 10.1MB, 21:56
Notes: Thank you very much to giselleslash , who very graciously allowed me to do this :) Michael Jackson's Thriller does not belong to me! Also, if you speak/know French, I do apologize as I've not the faintest clue, and uhm, butchered it quite a lot? 

Hope you guys enjoy!

5+1+3+3(Merlin RPS)+3(Bradley/Colin) = 15
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con_or_bust auction podfics - star trek (tos); age of sail fandoms

con_or_bust podfic!

for recumbentgoat

All Our Tomorrows
text is here
Star Trek (TOS) - Spock/Nyota Uhura
mp3, 27.6 MB, 40:28 download here (archive entry)
m4b, 19.1 MB, 40:28 download here (archive entry)

for damned_colonial

Shore Leave
text is here
Horatio Hornblower; Master & Commander; Pirates of the Caribbean; Sharpe - Archie Kennedy/James Norrington; William Bush/Stephen Maturin; Edrington/Stephen Maturin/James Norrington/Tom Pullings; Jack Aubrey/Richard Sharpe; Horatio Hornblower/Jack Sparrow; James Norrington/Jack Sparrow; Edrington/Richard Sharpe; Jack Aubrey/Stephen Maturin (i am not confident i got everything! if you notice a pairing in the fic i didn't list, tell me?)
in two versions! one with sounds to transition the listener through scene changes, and one without. :)
unbroken version mp3, 71 MB, 1:43:23 download here (archive entry)
unbroken version m4b, 49.3 MB, 1:43:23 download here (archive entry)
interstitial version mp3, 76.8 MB, 1:51:47 download here (archive entry)
unbroken version m4b, 53.2 MB, 1:51:47 download here (archive entry)

this is where i am really glad mods don't get points, because this entry was hard enough to write without them. :D