June 16th, 2010

Merlin: This is Arthur trying not to kis

The Merlin Drabble Anthology (1:59:08)

The Merlin Drabble Anthology - Volume 1
Title: The Merlin Drabble Anthology - Volume 1
Authors: Various
Reader: eosrose
Cover: sparksflyout
Fandom: Merlin (BBC)
Cast: Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/Merlin/Lancelot
Rating: Explicit content; suitable for mature adults only.
Length: 1:59:08
Format: MP3 (111.5MB) or Audiobook (55MB)
Notes: Since some people asked nicely, I've put together all my standalone Merlin podrabbles of less than 10 minutes in length for easier downloading. The audiobook version was compiled courtesy of cybel.
View the complete list of 33 drabbles and download the MP3s or Audiobook at my journal!