June 20th, 2010

  • podmod

o_0 more in awesomeness.

holy crap, you guys.

okay, so your podmod hivebrain is sifting through entries to sort out who won what, and adding up times, and looking at new fandoms, and new languages, and the like, and. well. i guess we shouldn't be surprised, right? but FOUR PEOPLE POSTED MORE THAN 25 HOURS OF PODFIC EACH. that's. wow. that's an enormous amount of reading, and a herculean amount of editing.

there was also a podficcer with the impressive total of 16 hours, and many hovering around the ten hour mark, which was expected. but multiple people topping 25 hours? we did not see that coming.

you guys are amazing, in so many ways, and we just really wanted to share that.