June 21st, 2010

A Large Range of Probabilities, by Cofax

Story title: A Large Range of Probabilities
Story author: Cofax
Read by: speccygeekgrrl
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: Teen
Format: mp3
Text link to original story: A Large Range of Probabilities
Length: 27:42
Story summary: If you'd asked her, Canthy Pirelli would probably have said she was an exterminator. Northern New Hampshire, 1989.
Link to file: Download podfic here (25.3 MB)

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  • cybel

SPN Gen Podbook: A Large Range of Probabilities by cofax, read by speccygeekgrrl

See speccygeekgrrl's post here for details and links to the mp3 version.

Cover Artist: cybel

File Type: m4b (podbook)
Length: 13.2 MB, 0:27:42
Archive Page (courtesy of general_jinjur): here

This podbook version of the podfic was compiled with permission and is being cross-posted to [info - personal]amplificathon and linked at spn_gen_podfics.

Symmetry in Orbit, by betweenthebliss

Title: Symmetry in Orbit [link to text]
Author: betweenthebliss
Read by: speccygeekgrrl
Fandom: Star Trek XI/Firefly
File type and size: mp3, 8.7 MB
Rating: PG
File length: 10:44 min

Summary: Tween!Chekov and River, at the Academy. As childish and Toy Ship-y as two mentally fun child prodigies can get together. And River's bare feet.

Download Audiofic Here