July 6th, 2010

  • chiak

Readers' Interview Request

Hello all readers,

My name is Kerlih, I'm a fellow podfic reader, and for the purpose of this post I am a Film & Digital Arts student at Pacific Audio Visual Institute in Vancouver. For my Digital Production class I have a list of projects all pertaining to audiobooks/podiobooks/podfics.

I'm here to request if any reader in the Vancouver & Greater area is willing to participate in an on-camera interview, which will be used for the education of conducting interviews and part of a newsmagazine piece on podiobook and/or podfic.

In the case that there aren't any readers in the Vancouver & Greater area, my option B will be doing an on-camera interview with a audiobook/podiobook/podfic listener specifically for the interview assignment, and an audio interview with a reader for the newsmagazine video.

The tentative date this interview needs to be done by is July 22nd, though there may be a possible extension.

If anyone is interested in participating or have any question/concerns please respond in the comments, or PM or email me at kc_blackfire@hotmail.com if you don't want your location given out.

Kerlih.C (chiak)
(Posted with mod permission)