July 29th, 2010

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Podfic Remix Challenge - Info Gathering

Back in June when there was a lot of podfic meta talk going on a couple people floated around the idea that it would be fun to have a podfic remix challenge. I was kind of hoping one would materialize but it doesn't look like any one has taken up the challenge. So of course I'm now thinking of running one. :)

What is a podfic remix challenge?
Much like the various fic remix challenges out there, a podfic challenge would involve putting the podfics you have made on the table and inviting another to make their own version of it. And in return you would make a podfic of a story another participant has already podficed.

Why would we do this?
Every reader brings a unique interpretation of the text. One reader will read a scene with a tinge of sadness, another with hopefulness. Some readers do voices, others add music to their podfics. Not to mention everyone has their own sound, feel and style. Two people can read the same fic and still produce two very different, yet equally awesome podfics.

I'm also hoping that running a challenge like this would help with the stigma that currently exists around multiple podfics of the same story. People seem to think that if someone makes a podfic of something that's already been podficed it's because they found the first podfic lacking in some way. Never mind that there are a lot of other reasons someone might want to podfic the story.

This won't be about that though and hopefully it'll help people realize that just because two podfics are a reading of the same story doesn't mean that they are copies of each other (podfic is not just a format shift from text to audio, it's an art form, a performance), or that one is necessarily better than the other. Just like a cover of a song can bring a new dimension/feel to the song.

Before I jump headlong into this challenge though, I what kind of interest there is for this. I've posted a poll back at my journal. Please take a moment to fill it out.

Poll on LJ
Poll on DW