August 30th, 2010

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Podbooks vs mp3s

I've been giving DEEP THOUGHT lately to various podbook related questions that have never, as far as I know, been discussed anywhere. With amplificathon opening up more and more to meta/discussion topics, I've finally decided to try to assuage my curiosity by asking some questions here.

This would also be a good place for anyone to ask any podbook related questions they may have or to bring up any issues they've encountered regarding podbooks.

Please don't take this as a vanity post: it really isn't meant to be one. Consider it merely information gathering, information that will potentially be useful to me and the (thankfully!) many others who are now providing podbook versions of their own and others' podfics, as well as to the podfic/podbook consumer.

Here goes:

1) Which format do you prefer, assuming you have a choice, of course: podbook or mp3? Why?

2) Now that iTunes allows podfics to be moved into the Books folder and to be marked as bookmarkable, are podbooks still a viable format? Why?

3) Do you care if your podbooks have cover art or not? Do you prefer fandom/story specific covers, or are abstract or text only covers sufficient?

4) Do you like to see both author and performer credits on a cover? Is the legibility of the text on a cover important to you?

5) Do you bother to download a podbook if it isn't available until considerably after the mp3 is posted?

6) Any questions you'd like to add?
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Title: Standing the Heat
Author: veronamay
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Dark Angel
Pairing: Alec/Logan
Disclaimer: Lies, all lies. They belong to James Cameron.
Summary: He notices when Max disappears for a couple of days and comes back looking hollow-eyed and haunted, of course he does, but he never figured it'd happen to him.

Format: mp3

16 MB, 17 min 30 sec

Title: Nine Lives, Cat's Eyes
Author: veronamay
Rating: R
Fandom: Dark Angel/Supernatural crossover
Pairing: Alec/Sam
Disclaimer: Lies, all lies. Not written for profit.
Summary: Futurefic. It's 2020; Sam's passing through Seattle when he meets someone he didn't expect.

Format: mp3

18.7 MB, 20 min 30 sec

Download links here at my comm.

[SPN Podfic] I'd Rather Play at Hug o' War by roque_clasique

Okay, so roque_clasique kind of had disaster rain down on her first day at work, and since I've been meaning to record this anyway, I thought, what the hell? And now one of my favourite fics of hers is now in audio format. :)

It's thematically appropriate, okay?

Title: I'd Rather Play at Hug o' War
Author: roque_clasique
Reader: ratherastory
Fandom: Supernatural
Genre: AU, gen.
Rating: PG-13
MP3 info: 2.96 MB, 6:27
Summary: The AU where Dean is the complit scholar who gets agitated over people's misinterpretations of Levi-Strauss and loves to smoke while proving his point so he can blow the smoke in their face.
Warnings: Swearing, and Dean smokes.
Download Link: from Megaupload:

I also made a podbook, because I am determined that technology will never defeat me!

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