September 4th, 2010

  • podmod

asdfghjkl. next year a computer will do the matching, srsly.

it's time! matches have been made and emails are about to go out! and your podmod is collectively surrounded with scrap paper and squinting at the screen and has done the very best job they could. which doesn't mean they might not have screwed up. so!

- if you don't get an email or message within the next 12 hours telling you your match, comment!

- if you look at your match and they are asking for no fandoms that you recall offering, and none you feel up for, reply to the email. we did our best to match you on as many fandoms as possible, but some readers only got one fandom in common. we tried in those cases to be sure it was a big fandom, so you'd have some choice.

- comment to this post with anything you like about what you enjoy (or don't enjoy) in fic, to help your reader choose something *if* they would like guidance. you already stipulated your no-fly zones, so anything you put here is optional.

- READERS! do not reply to these comments! keep your assignment SECRET OMG. feel free to ask questions anonymously, though, or to email or pm the podmod collective if you want us to ask privately.

and a note just in case! anyone who would prefer to use the dreamwidth amplificathon community should feel free. your reader will get a link to your original signup comment, so if you originally signed up on lj and would like to move, go ahead -- we'll clue them in! (also, we have invite codes for anyone who wants 'em.)

floating in the dark

Like Sunshine by The Grrrl

Title: Like Sunshine
Author: thegrrrl2002
Reader: tinypinkmouse
Fandom: Without a Trace
Character/Pairing: Danny Taylor/Martin Fitzgerald
Rating: Explicit
Format: mp3
Length: 10m 5s
Size: 5.77MB
Summary: It's nothing at all like being with a woman.
Notes: So… trying to see if my voice will hold out now. Seems to be doing okay. Stupid flu, I'm not supposed to not be able to talk properly for weeks.

Download at sendspace.