October 18th, 2010

farmer girl

Morning Blend (Of Me and You)

Title: Morning Blend (Of Me and You
Author: lezi 
Reader: 1farmer_girl 
Fandom: Glee
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Puck/Kurt
Format/Length: mp3, 15.03 MB, 16:25
Author's Summary: Puck's (mis)adventures in Kurt-proofing his apartment

Story text: Morning Blend (Of Me and You)
Podfic link: Right Here

Mods: Hello *waves* This is my first time posting here, so if I'm doing something incorrectly, please let me know.  Also, I'm planning on recording a couple other things of lezi's, so if I could get a reader tag that would be awesome.  Thanks!
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SPN Podfic: It Gets Stronger When You're Next To Me

Title:It Gets Stronger When You're Next To Me
Alternate scene from 6.01: Sam and Dean's real reunion.


Download @ box.net
or Here @ the audiofic archive.

And here is the art made by smallworld_inc  that inspired the fic in the first place!

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presenting: jandrina, ampliplanet award winner!!!!!

This year we introduced bonus points for podficcing in languages other than English. We also created a new award, the Ampliplanet Award, to give to the person who received the most language bonus points! jandrina is this year's multi-lingual winner!!

A graphic!

made by aphelant from a cc-licensed image (noii's on flickr)

And a podfic!!

made by general_jinjur from a cc-licensed image (gingerblokey on flickr)

Of Attacking Trees and Moving Walls
written by jandrina (amarok)
read by kinseyx
length: 13:19
mp3: direct download / archive entry
m4b: direct download / archive entry
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presenting: luzula, supersampler award winner!!!!!

The Amplificathon annual challenge (and indeed, the community itself!) is all about diversity of readers, fandoms, pairings, and languages. We award (with points! and love. but mostly points.) podfics that bring something brand new to the archive.

The Supersampler Award is for the person who posted the highest number of new fandoms! luzula, this year's winner, brought just under 30 new fandoms to the archive during this year's 'thon!! AMAZING!!!!

A graphic!!!

made by aphelant from a cc-licensed image (quinnanya on flickr)

And a podfic!!!!!

made by lunate8 from a cc-licensed image (thatkatchick on flickr)

Missing Pages
written by luzula
read by lunate8
length: 6:02
mp3: direct download / archive entry
m4b: direct download / archive entry
Eastern Promises - Slash

Å knekke nøtter (Cracking Nuts) - norwegian podfic

Title: Å knekke nøtter (Cracking Nuts) NB: Read in Norwegian.
Format/Length: 31:25. Mp3: 28.8 MB. (Click the title to download.)
English text version: http://eve-n-furter.livejournal.com/3834.html  (Betaed!)
Author and reader: eve_n_furter 
Fandom: Eastern Promises (movie, 2007)
Pairing: Nikolai Luzhin/Kirill
Rating: Adult/NC-17
Type:  Slashfic, smut, angst, dark themes. Complete (4400 words).
Warnings: Violence, sex, rape, language.
Spoilers: post-movie-verse.
Summary:‭ ‬"Kolja takes some big risks as he's manipulating Kiro."

Collapse )

Hope you'll enjoy it! I'm very pleased with it myself. :)
And thank you, wonderful managers, here and at the audiofic archive! <3
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nwhepcat - SPN Podfic: A Rough Guide to Eating Sandwiches

Title: A Rough Guide to Eating Sandwiches
Format/Length: 21:33. Mp3: 9.9 MB
Text version: http://i-speak-tongue.livejournal.com/41275.html
Author: i_speak_tongue
Reader: nwhepcat
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam, Dean, Lisa
Rating: PG-13
Type: H/C
Spoilers: 6.02 "Two-and-a-half Men"
Summary:‭ ‬Sam struggles to accept how he's changed, and why he needs Dean because of it. Dean, meanwhile, gets his ass handed to him. Written in the second person, Sam's POV.

ETA: I had a problem when I listened to this on my way to work, though I visually checked everything over. I may have uploaded my latest working version by mistake -- there's a hunk of dead air and the song at the end isn't there. I will check when I'm home and repost. (If anyone's listened successfully, let me know, but I suspect it's that way for everyone.)

ETA 2: Correct file now added.
inc - saito!

Two Inception podfics!

Here are some fics that made me lol and lol and which I had a great time recording. :D :D :D

i'm not ready to see you this happy
by imogenedisease
Inception; Arthur/Eames
4:29 (2.05 MB)
direct download | archive entry
Author's note: This is cracky high school AU, because I don't even know.
Summary: It starts when Arthur gets a boyfriend.

Friendly Fire
by eleveninches
Inception; mostly gen with a side of Arthur/Eames
8:08 (3.72 MB)
direct download | archive entry
Author's note: What is this? I have no idea.
Summary: A week after the events of the movie, Cobb checks in with his teammates.

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