December 21st, 2010

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for revolutionaryjo! from mific! The Lucky One; The Presbury Letters; The Rough Edges Series

from mific
for revolutionaryjo

The Lucky One by katieforsythe 
sherlock holmes; holmes/watson
cover by mific

mp3 36.6 MB
m4b 18.7 MB

notes: A story featuring Holmes, Watson and ‪Lestrade. An exploration of Holmes and Watson's relationship. Who is the lucky one?

The Presbury Letters by katieforsythe 
sherlock holmes; holmes/watson
cover by mific

mp3 106 MB
m4b 54.1 MB

notes: This features Holmes, Watson and Mycroft. Set some time after The Lucky One, during WWI. Parted by war, Holmes and Watson write to each other.
This proved unexpectedly tricky to record, due to the need to convey writing and reading letters, and even censored sections in letters. I'd love feedback on how it turned out.

The Rough Edges Series by basingstoke
sherlock bbc, black books; holmes/watson
cover by mific

mp3 68.7 MB
m4b 35.1 MB

notes: "Sherlock Holmes and Bernard Black: cousins. The rest of the family: terrifying." Starts surreal and funny and progresses to the family dinner from hell in the final story. The Black Books crossover is in the foreground in the first two stories, and just implied in the final story. I have to apologise for my dreadful attempt at an American accent. Apparently all I can do is a really bad Southern drawl, but I hope it kind of fits the character anyway. The music is from the intro to "Here Comes Your Man" by The Pixies.

ETA:  the podbooks have been re-uploaded, and now all contain cover art! thank you, cybel ! \o/

ETA: Many thanks to lavvyan  for betaing "The Lucky One" (mific  apologises profusely for leaving this off the initial post - so sorry!)
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Podfic: You Comes and You Goes (The Graveyard Book) - by Novembersmith

Title: You Comes and You Goes
Author: novembersmith
Reader: regonym
Fandom: The Graveyard Book
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG
Length: 12:28 (Audiobook (m4b): 3.94 MB; MP3: 5.02 MB)
Archive Links: Audiobook (m4b) format, MP3 format

Cover created by regonym


"I can leave the graveyard and return. I can bring him food," said Silas.

"That's all very well you saying that," said Mother Slaughter. "But you comes and you goes and nobody keeps track of you."

pg 23, The Graveyard Book

This was a Yuletide fic from last year, so it felt sort of fitting to post it on Yule. :D

Feedback would be hugely appreciated!
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due South podfic: "The Sweet Hereafter", by China shop

*sneaks another long podfic in among the podbangs*

Title: The Sweet Hereafter
Author: china_shop
Reader: luzula
Fandom: due South
Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski
Rating: R
Length: 4 h 57 m 51 s
Author's summary: Aside from the lack of communication, now that I've had a chance to experience death I find it not so very different from living in Canada.
Notes: I love this story (and china_shop's writing in general). It has a pretty cool and original plot which is very much in line with the feeling of the show--it's cracky and funny in places, but also serious. Thanks to the author for letting me record it!

Download at Sendspace (a zipped folder with eight parts).