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November 12th, 2011

12:12 am - bessyboo - AVENGERS/MY LITTLE PONY: Captain Equestria and the Iron Pony (Drunk!Version)

Title: Captain Equestria and the Iron Pony (Drunk!Version)
Author: valtyr
Reader: (drunken) bessyboo
Fandom: Avengers/My Little Pony
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Rating: NC17
Length: 15:44
Format: MP3 & M4B (Audiobook)
Link: At my journal.

x-posted to amplificathon, podfic_central, podslash, audiofic, pod_aware & cap_ironman

01:54 am - jenepod - Two American Idol podfics for Pod_Together

Feeling somewhat shamed by pod_aware and trying to get myself sorted out, so have two older ones I never posted here! They were both done for pod_together and initially posted under my regular journal name.

Title: Close My Eyes and Taste You on My Lips
Author: samanthahirr
Reader: jenepod
Fandom: American Idol S8 RPF

Pairing: Adam/Kris
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 00:30:24

Summary: A birthday party, a blindfold, and a table full of desserts. Kris's wish fantasy is about to come true.

Download Link: Megaupload, MB
Or Stream It Now:

Title: L.A. Burning
Author: prairiegirl116
Reader: jenepod
Fandom: American Idol S8 RPF
Pairing: Adam/Sauli
Rating: R
Runtime: 00:06:26

Summary: A sweet little amuse bouche glancing into the lives of Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen.

Download Link: Megaupload (MB)
Or Stream It Now:

10:03 am - crinklysolution - (due South) Homeward Bound by pir8fancier, read by crinklysolution

Title:  Homeward Bound
Written by:  pir8fancier
Read by:  crinklysolution
Fandom: due South
Pairing: Ray K/Ray V/Fraser
Rating:  NC-17
Length:  2:08:45
Download from mediafire:  mp3, m4b

Reader’s notes:  This podfic has been very greatly improved by the excellent beta work provided by izzady , betaing a podfic for the first time ever, no less!    The finished product is just so much better than my original version, I can’t thank her enough…  In a way, this podfic is all her fault, because I heard her recording of another pir8fancier story, A Year (More or Less) in the Life, and it is so damn good that I cannot evict it from my Ipod.  This is my first due South podfic, and I may be way late in arriving, but I finally understand why people love this fandom so much – it is very loveable. I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed recording it. 

09:28 pm - reena_jenkins - A Summer Day So Late In Coming; Life on the Fashion Scene; Far Far Away

Repod #1: A Summer Day So Late In ComingCollapse )
RePod #2: Life on the Fashion SceneCollapse )
RePod #3: Far Far AwayCollapse )
***These three podfics are my contribution to Day Six of pod_aware's Podfic Awareness Week. Repodding is when a podfic is made of a fic that has already been podficced. Podfic is awesome, therefore two podfics is even more awesome, right? Every podficcer brings something different to the table and it's fun to see how different podficcers approach the same thing. To find out more about repodding, check out pod_aware on LJ or DW. Happy listening!
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