December 10th, 2011

  • chemm80

Podfic: Out of the Night that Covers Me by MickeyM

Title: Out of the Night That Covers Me
Author: mickeym
Reader: chemm80
Cover Artist: electricmonk333
Genre, Characters, Rating: Supernatural, Sam/Dean, NC-17
Author Summary: The apocalypse was stopped at the eleventh hour, and Lucifer was forced back into his cage. Sam and Dean survived, but now they have to learn how to deal with the loss and destruction, and figure out how to move forward. But how do you move forward when you're mired in the past, and caught up in a web of rage and pain?
Length: About 3 hours
mp3 (.rar)

All I Want For Christmas - Advent Challenge Day 10

Title: All I Want For Christmas
Author: Jennie B aka seshats_prodigy
Reader: kansouame
Rating: PG
Fandom: YuGiOh!
Prompt: 'The only gift I have to give is me'
Created For: svana_vrika
Word Count: 2504
File size/type: 19.59MB, .mp3 (zipped)
Length: 19m 37s
Disclaimer: Do I look like I could create an original concept like this? Exactly. I'm just borrowing these characters - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!
Summary: The perfect gift is sometimes something you didn't even know you wanted...

Text version: All I Want For Christmas

Podfic Download link for All I Want For Christmas

(written for adventchallenge)