December 21st, 2011

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Doctor Who - The Girl Who Waited Replies

Title: The Girl Who Waited Replies by [personal profile] blackeyedgirl

Performer: Cantarina
Characters: Amy Pond, mentions of the rest of the Series 6 cast.
Length: 8:59, 5.1kb
Rating: Teen
Author's Summary: Once upon a time there was a man who saved a girl. No. Once upon a time there was a girl. The man (both of the men) came later. She was there first, and she will be there whether the men are or not. [Post-ep for The God Complex, heavy spoilers for that episode.]
Podficcer's Notes: Like the author, I had feelings about "Amy Williams" and this story was exactly the fix-it I'd wanted.

Text here
MP3: Mediafire | (stream)

Snow Job - Advent Challenge Day 21

Title: Snow Job
Author: Jennie B aka seshats_prodigy
Reader: kansouame
Rating: PG
Fandom: Saiyuki
Prompt: 'Blizzard'
Created For: All of you lovelies! ♥
Word Count: 1107
File size/type: 8MB, .mp3 (zipped)
Length: 8m 05s
Disclaimer: Do I look like I could create an original concept like this? Exactly. I'm just borrowing these characters - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!
Summary: An unexpected snowstorm is the perfect way to even an old score

Text version: Snow Job
Podfic Download link for Snow Job

(written for adventchallenge)
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HP Podfic: Interpreting Draconis by Dacro

Title: Interpreting Draconis
Author: [info]dacro
Reader: [info]takola 
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Cover-art Image: [info]k_e_wilson
Author's Rating: R
Author's Warnings: Implied minor character death.
Author's Summary: Draco, the Deaf son of a wealthy businessman, has always had the best of everything, including a habit for rapid signing and a reputation for having a short fuse. When his father disappears, the interpreters who have been on the receiving end of Draco's attitude and temper refuse to work for him. Enter Harry, our 'new on the block' interpreter with a heart of gold, exemplary skills, and a few secrets in his pocket.
Length 1h 08m 07s
Link to Text: here
Links to Audio Format: mp3 | m4b
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Podtor_who roundup

podtor_who is officially over (though there should hopefully be a few more podfics posted in the next few days). That means there's now a round-up post, detailing all the lovely podfics produced for the fest here.

The list features 31 stories written by 20 different authors, and read by 22 different podficcers from around the world. The stories range from Third Doctor era fluff to Eleventh Doctor introspection (and some fluff). Something for everyone!

Check it out.