December 30th, 2011


Fandom Supports Scarleteen

Hi everyone! There's currently a charity auction going on to support the sex ed website Scarleteen. They do a lot of really important work for young people and are a really worthy cause. There's some podfic on offer, but we could use a few more podficcers. Please consider taking part.

Image of unwrapped, multicolored condoms, in rows, facing up. Text on image: Fandom Supports Scarleteen. Sex Ed for the real world.
Fandom Supports Scarleteen!
[dw community profile] scarleteenfans has been the premier online sexuality resource for young people worldwide since 1998. Countless members of various fandoms have used information from Scarleteen when making fanworks, as well as in our own lives. They were there when we needed them. Now they need us.
Offer or bid on fanworks to support the best sex ed site on the web!

Thank you!
eyelash porn

Kiss Me Till You're Drunk and I'll Show You by miss_begonia

Title: Kiss Me Till You're Drunk and I'll Show You
Author: [info]miss_begonia
Reader: [info]oohshinyfangirl
Fandom/Pairing: Glee RPF/Chris/Darren
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: While this fic is completely fictional, it is partially based on spoiler-y fan accounts for the shooting of 3x05. Please consider yourself warned. Also, this is RPS: if that ain’t your thang, it ain’t no thang.
File info: mp3, 30.29 MB, 33:05

Collapse )
  • rhea314

See Them Come A-Dancing

Title: See Them Come A-Dancing
Author: Unknown
Reader: Rhea314
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: A poem that has been on my door the last 8 or so years. I couldn't find it anywhere on the web, it originally came out of Gundam Wing fandom. I've had it memorized for a few years so I thought I would share it for my "poetry" space for podfic bingo.
Length 0:01:08
Mediafire Link: m4b here , mp3 here

Bandom podfic: Nightswimming, Part 2

Title: Nightswimming
Author: wax_jism
Reader: greedy_dancer
Fic info: Frank/Gerard, NC-17. Warnings for drug use and teenagers.
Length: 3:01:00 for this part.

Download links to Parts 1 and 2 (MP3 & Audiobook): on DW | on LJ

Notes: (Full notes at my journal) I want to thank everybody who listened to Part 1 and expressed their enthusiasm and gave feedback. It's been truly amazing. I hope that Part 2 will live up to your expectations! You're certainly in for a lot of porn *g*

As always, I would love to know what you think about it, either in the comments, via direct message on LJ or DW, on Twitter, or via email: greedy_dancer at livejournal dot com. Concrit is welcome.

Three Harry Potter Podfics

These three podfics were recorded for hp_podfic_fest. Two Harry/Draco and one Remus/Sirius.

Title: Grand Noble
Author: celestlyn
Reader: fire_juggler
Beta: teas_me and takola
Summary: With the relationship still new and Yule approaching, Harry and Draco go tree shopping. Things do not go according to plan and as they confront their cultural differences, they come together in some surprising ways and learn some things along the way.
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: *Explicit m/m sex*
Cover Art: k_e_wilson
Length: 00:26:22
File Size: 25.7 MB (mp3) | 13.1 MB (m4b)
Link to Text: here
Download Links At My Journal

Title: Snowflakes and Cashmere
Author: veritas03
Reader: fire_juggler
Beta: teas_me and takola
Summary: Harry and Draco return for 8th year at Hogwarts, but spend most of their time studying each other. Will one of them work up the courage to approach the other instead of just playing the watching game? (um…the answer is yes - hence the NC-17 rating).
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: *Adult language, sexual content, fluff, humor (I hope)*
Cover Art: waltzing_mice
Length: 00:25:51
File Size: 28.1 MB (mp3) | 15.8 MB (m4b)
Link to Text: here
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Title: Of Comets & Counter-Examples
Author: woldy
Reader: fire_juggler
Betas: takola and teas_me
Summary: If the past is a foreign country, can travel help to resolve a troubled history? Dumbledore assigns Remus and Sirius a mission to explore three European cities, or perhaps to find each other. Written for the 2008 RS Games as part of Team Post-Hogwarts using the prompt 'Brothers on a Hotel Bed (Death Cab for Cutie)'.
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Remus/Sirius
Rating: pg-13
Warnings: *None*
Cover Art: jkivela
Length: 00:44:51
File Size: 43.1 MB (mp3) | 22.3 MB (m4b)
Link to Text: here
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floating in the dark

five stories by me

I practice reading on my own fic, so I end up recording quite a few them. Here's some. :)

All of the stories are written by me.

A Matter of Choice | Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic | 00:06:34 | 6.01MB | MP3

As Always, Just You | Transformers: Beast Wars | 00:05:19 | 4.87MB | MP3

Only for a Moment | Supernatural | 00:07:39 | 7.01MB | MP3

You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want to Do It) | Supernatural | 00:15:58 | 14.62MB | MP3

Tänne jään (Finnish) | Flash Gordon (2007) | 00:02:28 | 2.26MB | MP3
Seuss and Batman

Inception chav!fic podfic finished!

I finally finished podficcing delires's glorious "We Can Do This Until We Pass Out." Woo! Here is a temporary link until it's up with Jinjurly.

Sendspace, 141 MB, 2.5 hours

Here's the link to the fic: We Can Do This Until We Pass Out

Inception, Arthur/Eames, NC-17

A/N: Written for a kink meme prompt by chinesebeer ("Eames is a total chav but Arthur/Cobb loves it.") Title is taken from the song by Tinie Tempah.

Warning: Class difference. Totally and unapologetically not politically correct.

If you haven't read this one yet, you absolutely should! One of the best fics in this fandom or any other!

Also, mod? Could I have a reader tag, please? I plan to post here again! XD