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In Silence - The Hobbit - PurrpleCat, Liannabob

Title: In Silence
Written by: PurrpleCat
Read by: Liannabob
Art by: Liannabob
Fandom:  The Hobbit
Pairing:  Dwalin/Bilbo Baggins
Rating:  Explicit
Length:  3 hours, 15 minutes
Summary: Set after the events in the battle of the five armies.  Dwalin tries to cope with the losses, and the burden of guilt that comes from failing his king and the princes.   He refuses to bow to Dain.  What is a banished, grief-stricken dwarf to do?

Fair warning: I fell in love with this story because of the way it explored grief - how it can become a self-destructive obsession.  There be angst ahead.   Also warnings for: violence, homophobia.   And interspecies sex...technically.  It's Dwalin/Bilbo.

At the archive: Here
Or via Mediafire:  MP3s: Here  M4B: Here

Tags: archived, fandom:lord of the rings, reader:liannabob
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