December 25th, 2018


Hannibal/Charlie Countryman - "Seeing Double" read by Liannabob, written by Sku7314977

Title: Seeing Double
Author: Sku7314977
Reader: Liannabob
Fandom: Hannibal (TV series), Charlie Countryman
Rating: Explicit
Length: 7 hours (ish)

Summary:  When bodies start turning up all over Bucharest in a series of violent and gruesome displays, an old friend of Jack's calls in a favor to b
orrow the FBI agent's best profiler.   A less-than-pleased Will Graham is soon shipped off to Bucharest in the hopes of helping local police track down the killer.    While there, Will stumbles across a rather unexpected surprise when he meets Hannibal's previously unmentioned twin; a man who's design will is chasing, and who has no intention of letting Will go.

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