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The Twain Shall Meet by brutti-ma-buoni [spn rpf, j2]

Title: The Twain Shall Meet
Author: brutti_ma_buoni
Artist: reena_jenkins
Reader: tipsy_kitty
Pairing: J2
Rating: NC-17
Length: 01:47:53
Note: Thanks so much to necrora, who bid on me for a podfic for fandomaid, brutti_ma_buoni for allowing me to record this wonderful fic, and reena_jenkins for the lovely cover art. Recorded for the 2015 cakebang challenge at cakehole_club, and also fills the forced to participate in hurtful activity square for hc_bingo, and the emotions/jealousy square for seasonsofkink bingo.

 photo twain500_zpsbtz0it1i.png

Author's Summary: Relative innocent Jared meets tired, cynical Jensen, into whose care he has been entrusted - in another world where courts are castles and the Restoration is non-literally replayed. We're talking vaguely fantasy swashbuckling territory with seventeenth century undertones if you spot that kind of thing.

mp3 | m4b | | fic

Final Reader's Note: Aaand, if you're interested, here's a short outtake wherein I cannot for the life of me manage to say the word Nazareth :)
Tags: archived, fandom:supernatural rpf, reader:tipsy_kitty

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