oohshinyfangirl (oohshinyfangirl) wrote in amplificathon,

Glee Podfic: Competitive Hangover

Title: Competititve Hangover
Author: wowbright
Reader: oohshinyfangirl
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 1774
Summary: Another sequel to "Cover Me," this one from Sebastian's perspecitve, inspired by comments and the Klaine Advent Day 22 prompt vodka. You need to read the first two stories for this one to make sense. This one takes place New Year's Day of Season 3; can be read as AU or canon-compatible. Thaks nachochang for her magic with words!
File Info: mp3, 17:54MB, 15:18
Warning: Sebastian has issues with internalized homophobia and effemiphobia, but I think you knew that.
Download: MediaFire
Crossposted: personal lj, gleepodfic, kurt_blaine
Notes: So happy to be recording the lovely wowbright's incredibly incisive - and hot! - writing.
Tags: archived, fandom:glee, reader:oohshinyfangirl

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