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The Arrangement [written my Maldoror; read by Opalsong]

Title: The Arrangement
Author: Maldoror
Reader: Opalsong
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Pairings: Wufei/Heero, Trowa/Duo/Quatre
Rating: Explicit
Length (total): 36:14:52
Cover: Opalsong

Just Communication by Two-Mix
Spiel Mit Mir by Ranmstein

Summary: Wufei, struggling with his demons, agrees to a wartime fling with Heero, no affection needed or wanted. But the 'arrangement' lasts and grows as they join the preventers. It could become a source of strength for both... if they let it.

Podbook Links [length; size]:
Part I: The War Days (1-7) [5:00:21; 136.7MB]
Part II: Wu Tao (8-13) [5:00:50; 137.0MB]
Part III: The Edge Part 1 (14-19) [5:45:30; 157.1MB]
Part III: The Edge Part 1 (20-25) [5:21:46; 146.6MB]
Part III: The Edge Part 1 (26-31) [5:17:40; 144.6MB]
Part III: The Edge Part 1 (32-37) [5:45:01; 156.7MB]
Part III: The Edge Part 1 (38-Intermission) [4:04:38; 111.4MB]

Chapter Links [length; size]:
Part I: The War Days
Chapter 1 [40:45; 37.6MB]
Chapter 2 [18:25; 16.9MB]
Chapter 3 Needs Must [31:10; 28.6MB]
Chapter 4 Pretty When You Kill [39:06; 35.8MB]
Chapter 5 Caught In The Cage Of The Other [1:09:25; 63.6MB]
Chapter 6 Battlelust Part I [55:13; 50.6MB]
Chapter 7 Battlelust Part II [46:18; 42.4MB]
Part II: Wu Tao
Chapter 8 Tao [39:15; 36.0MB]
Chapter 9 The Path of the Sword [56:38; 51.9MB]
Chapter 10 Destructive Ways [36:09; 33.2MB]
Chapter 11 The Long Quiet Road, Part I [54:13; 49.75MB]
Chapter 12 The Long Quiet Road, Part II [49:28; 45.3MB]
Chapter 13 Staright and Narrow [1:04:38; 59.2MB]
Part III: The Edge
Chapter 14 Chi, Part I [1:00:17; 55.3MB]
Chapter 15 Chi, Part II [41:29; 38.0MB]
Chapter 16 Codes of Conduct [1:06:11; 60.7MB]
Chapter 17 War Wounds, Part I [56:26; 51.7MB]
Chapter 18 War Wounds, Part II [53:54; 49.4MB]
Chapter 19 Infiltration, Part I [1:06:45; 61.2MB]
Chapter 20 Infiltration, Part II [1:18:28; 72.2MB]
Chapter 21 Cover Stories, Part I [45:52; 42.3MB]
Chapter 22 Cover Stories, Part II [1:09:38; 65.1MB]
Chapter 23 Cover Stories, Part III [56:48; 52.3MB]
Chapter 24 Knowledge, Part I [33:55; 31.4MB]
Chapter 25 Knowledge, Part II [37:06; 34.3MB]
Chapter 26 Knowledge, Part III [1:02:10; 57.2MB]
Chapter 27 Masks, Part I [15:55; 14.9MB]
Chapter 28 Masks, Part II [1:09:03; 63.5MB]
Chapter 29 Partners, Part I [54:03; 49.8MB]
Chapter 30 Partners, Part II [42:28; 39.2MB]
Chapter 31 Breaking Storm, Part I [1:14:01; 68.1MB]
Chapter 32 Breaking Storm, Part II [1:05:14; 60.0MB]
Chapter 33 Breaking Storm, Part III [46:44; 43.1MB]
Chapter 34 Breaking Storm, Part IV [49:54; 46.0MB]
Chapter 35 Chinese Poles, Part I [1:18:36; 72.3MB]
Chapter 36 Chinese Poles, Part II [49:38; 45.8MB]
Chapter 37 Chinese Poles, Part III [54:56; 50.6MB]
Chapter 38 The Distance Between Need and Want, Part I [51:09; 47.1MB]
Chapter 39 The Distance Between Need and Want, Part II [56:08; 51.7MB]
Epilogue, Part I [40:23; 37.3MB]
Epilogue, Part II [58:45; 54.1MB]
Intermission [38:13; 35.3MB]

Audiofic Archive link: Here

Once again, as far as I can tell Maldoror is no longer active in fandom and hes left their works publicly accessible. I have taken this as permission. If you know of any reason this is not true please contact me.

Thanks to Paraka for hosting!!

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Tags: archived, fandom:gundam wing, reader:opalsong
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