Not cops, just hicks (glovered) wrote in amplificathon,
Not cops, just hicks

Gina, Baby by oddishly (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, gen)

Title: Gina, Baby
Author: oddishly
Reader: glovered
Coverartist: glovered
Rating: PG
Fandoms: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Pairings: gen
Warnings: none
Length: 00:24:15
Reader's Notes: My first attempt to do character voices. Late Merry Christmas or early happy birthday, oddishly!

Author's Summary: “And finally," says Holt from the front of the briefing room. "I understand there is an anonymous holiday gift circle taking place. Technically it is beyond my power to stop this from happening. I, of course, will not be participating.”

"Pip pip!" says Gina.

Download Link: MP3 - 23.4MB | Audiobook - 24.7MB
Tags: archived, fandom:brooklyn nine-nine, reader:glovered
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