Captain Jack Harkness (telefilo) wrote in amplificathon,
Captain Jack Harkness

Doctor Who/Class Crossover Fic: 'Just a Facade'

Title: Just a Facade
Author: faithfulviewer
Reader: faithfulviewer
Fandom: Doctor Who, Class
Characters: Miss Quill, Twelfth Doctor, Charlie Smith
Pairing: Twelfth Doctor/Clara Oswald (Whouffaldi, implied)
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship
Summary: A late night phone call between Miss Quill and the Doctor. Because they’re more alike than it may appear on the surface. (Set after ‘For Tonight We Might Die’.)
Rating: K+
Lenght: 2,005 words, 15:09 minutes, 18.05 MB

Listen to the Podfic on SoundCloud | MediaFire
Read the text version on AO3 |

Tags: archived, fandom:doctor who

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