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All Your Love and Longing Behind by maxette [SPN RPF, Jared/Jensen, Jensen/OMC, Underage, NC-17]

Title: All Your Love and Longing Behind
Author: maxette (dapixam_q)
Artist: tipsy_kitty
Fandom: Supernatural RPF
Pairing: Jared/Jensen, Jensen/OMC
Rating: NC-17
Contents/Warnings: Underage, A/B/O, Stepcest, Daddy Kink, Public Sex, Knotting, Mpreg, Cock Worship, Blow Jobs, Rimming, alpha!Jared, omega!Jensen
Length: 1:46:19
Size: 97MB | 50MB
Note: This was recorded for the very patient avid_slacker, who bid on me for a fanworks auction. Thanks for your donation! Thanks also to maxette for having blanket permission for podfic.

Author's Summary: An absurdly long response to the kink meme prompt:

I've seen a bunch of prompts where stepdad!Jensen can't resist omega-in-heat!Jared, but I was thinking of it the other way around. When omega!Jensen married Jared's dad, Jared was still a little kid, and Jensen knows he shouldn't think of him this way, but at 16, Jared is now a hot young alpha. his husband is spending more and more time 'at work,' and Jared obviously has a crush on him too. Jensen's been taking heat suppressants for years because his husband isn't interested, but this month, he goes without, knowing his husband will be on a business trip out of town. he and Jared have plenty of privacy for their first mating frenzy. points for Jared knocking his stepomega up on the very first go-round.

 photo All Your Love Master-450_zpsifbhhxia.jpg



Tags: archived, fandom:supernatural rpf, reader:tipsy_kitty

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